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Unlike other gyms, Tiger Boxing Gym is the only gym in the area that has a coaching staff comprised of competitive (or formally competitive) athletes who have the experience and "know how" to ensure that you will benefit from working with the best.
Some of our Members...  

Tiger trains Louis to keep proper balance and body movement for maximum impact.

"Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to learn how to box. Tiger is very patient and has made it very easy for me to constantly improve.

As it turns out, boxing is also a great stress reliever "


Age 48
Burbank, CA

Louis Age 48 Burbank, CA

Nicky trains to concentrate on proper balance and timing.

"I've been training for a while now and I'm becoming a pretty good boxer."

Age 15

Los Angeles, CA
Nicky Age 15 Los Angeles, CA

Tiger teaches Elizabeth the technics of a proper upper cut.

"This is unlike any workout I have ever experienced. The one on one training has not only enhanced my body's fitness, but also my body image and overall self-confidence.

I can't say enough about this is the type of training. Anyone who works out at a traditional gym has to try this."

West Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth West Los Angeles, CA

Tiger drives Christian to be more precise and increase concentration.

"I'm very serious about my work outs and like to be pushed to my limits and beyond. Tiger takes me right where I want to go."

Santa Monica, CA

Christian Santa Monica, CA

Anthony learns the basics.

"I'm learning to be a boxer and I keep getting better."

Age 7
Hollywood, CA

Anthony Age 7 Hollywood, CA

Tiger and Tricia work on strength and endurance.

"Working with Tiger has taken me to a place of physical fitness I did not think was possible.
I have only one word to describe my results 'Tight'."

Beverly Hills, CA

Tricia Beverly Hills, CA

Ryan focuses on keeping his guard up and using his natural strength.

"I love boxing, it makes me tougher and stronger. Tiger Boxing Gym is a great place learn."

Age 17

Los Angeles, CA

Tiger and Alana work on improving technic and consistency.

"I actually look forward to working out now. Tiger has lead me to greater physical fitness and confidence. I've recommended Tiger Boxing Gym to all of my friends."

West Hollywood, CA
Alana West Hollywood, CA
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